Clients We've Worked With

Feb – Apr 2022

Instagram Channel Management (Selected)

"It was a pleasure working with Yasmin. She is nurturing, warm and open to feedback.

She is diligent and committed to her work, and provides options on the style and approach I was looking for. Her willingness to be open allows the communication to be respectful and creates a pleasant experience.
Vernessa Chuah
Founder, Mindful Space Pte Ltd

Feb 2019 – Mar 2020

Customer Success Lead
Branding and Communications
(Strategy, Copywriting and Editing)


When you finally work with someone who gets what you are looking for, have the insights to how your business can grow, improve and most importantly have the heart for you as the founder to grow. That’s the feeling you get from Yasmin. I enjoy every moment working with her and our fruitful discussion in any given time frame. The shared journey in overall growth is what will make her your ideal partner in crime."
Adam Tan
CEO and Founder

Jul–Dec 2018

Mumpreneurs Networking Sessions (selected)

"It’s been a pleasure working with Yasmin on some of our Mumpreneur events. She is responsible, efficient and extremely detail-oriented. This always ensures that the events are well-planned with contingency plans on standby.

During the actual execution of the event, Yasmin does a wonderful job of ensuring the event runs smoothly with minimum hiccups. Post event, Yasmin helps to close off the experience with the end-users in a professional and well-thought out manner.

I highly recommend partnering Yasmin – it’s been a real delight and pleasure."
Sher-li Torrey
Founder and Director, Mums@Work (Singapore)

Marketing Strategy 

"At our first session, I was sitting across Yasmin, hardly understanding a single word of what she was talking about. Suddenly, she pauses for a moment, smiles at me and says, “No worries Silke. I will write it all down and lay it out for you in detail. It will be easier for you to master your social media planning for your targeted audience.”

I got a detailed guide for my targeted audiences (yes there can be more than one) and social media is not a threat anymore. I now fully understand and know all my keywords to use on my website as well as the tonality.

Working with Yasmin was such a pleasure due to her inspiring personality and amazing knowledge of marketing strategies and the market itself. I learnt so much, and the best: I can see the result in my business!"
Silke Dietz
Founder and Owner

Business and Marketing Plan and Strategy

"Yasmin is very knowledgeable about marketing and branding. She really took the time to get to know the goal of my business. This helped me take a new look at my various training programs and better define it. She is thoughtful, organized, and very positive. She knew what kind of outreach we needed to reach more people and was able to point out what is holding back the current marketing attempts.

Yasmin is self-driven, results-oriented and keeps her eye on the goal once she comes up with a plan."
Founder, 1Aaple of Newton Pte Ltd

June - Sep 2019

Content Marketing Strategy

"Yasmin is a highly experienced marketing strategist who is able to provide useful insights and guidance which are both beneficial and relevant to my business. Her thought provoking questions and templates forces me to explore new possibilities and develop new strategies that could work for me. There were plenty of A-ha! moments for me. As a fellow mum and entrepreneur herself, I enjoy our meetings and exchanging stories of motherhood on the side."
Atiqah Halim
Founder and Chief Blogger, Family Trippers

Sep 2018 - April 2020

Brand Strategist, Branding and Marketing Strategy, Plan and Management

Book Launch planning and Management

"Yasmin is a very focused person. She will plan and follow up with all the necessary arrangement without me worrying of deadlines."
Sophia Loy
Founder and Director, Petite Bakehouse LLP

Other Projects

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Rebranding and Marketing Strategies and Management
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Business and Marketing Strategy Management and Execution